At long last, after 18 months hard work and many wonderful experiences along the way, we are happy to announce that “The Lighthouse Run” will be premiering at The Zone (Ster Kinekor) in Rosebank, Johannesburg, on the 5th June 2014.

The Lighthouse Run

This hour-long documentary follows the story of some amazing women, who ran 42 marathons (relay) in 42 days, touching 42 lighthouses along the way – covering the greater part of the coast of South Africa in the process! This was all to raise awareness around the issues of women and child abuse in South Africa. We also went back to film various survivors and victors who have overcome their history of domestic abuse, and spoke to Retha Schutte (the founder of the Lighthouse Run) in depth about her own harrowing personal history.

This is the first full-length documentary video production that we have produced, and it certainly came with many challenges. Thanks to the sponsorship of Chevrolet SA, finances for the video production were not an issue. They also provided an awesome 4X4 for our epic journey around South Africa, to film the interviews. The challenges have been more in the creative and emotional side.

It’s not easy to deal with such difficult issues over the long term, and to find the right tone when asking people to tell their very painful and personal stories. But at the end of the project, after all that filming, production, video editing and yes, blood, sweat and tears, we are very proud of what’s been accomplished, and even prouder to be associated with such a brave, inspiring, interesting group of people.