Filming and editing adult male circumcisions… Hmmm. That’s something you don’t see every day! And yet, that’s exactly what we got to do this past month, as one of the medical instructional videos that we’re developing with various NGOS’s, and the South African Department of Health.

It was a really slow start to the day, since we arrived about 2 hours before anyone else did. But once the clinic got going (in the heart of a really poor area, surrounded by shacks and prefabs), it was a truly inspiring experience. We were just there to produce a video – but the people involved are really changing lives, changing people’s minds about hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases.

To be working with people from John Hopkins, in the USA, and Jhpiego in South Africa, was so interesting. There were some challenges, such as how to set up the cameras in a very small, enclosed space. Add to that the sweltering temperature, especially when you’re in surgical garb, and well – you have to know how to keep a cool head, so to speak.

It looks like we will be back in the operating theatre before the end of the year, filming a series of instructional videos about caesarian birth complications, so this was good training for that project. Good thing that we’re not squeamish!