No-one can possibly have missed the education revolution that’s been taking place online, with video tutorials available for just about anything you can imagine wanting to learn. Well, it’s no secret that SummerTime Productions has a soft-spot for educational video. It’s where we cut our teeth, and we still get a big thrill from being involved in video production that makes a tangible difference in the world, specifically in South Africa. And even more specifically in Johannesburg, our home and the city we love.

Projects we are currently working on include a literacy program that rescues kids in primary school (who are not English first language) and teaches them to read well before they enter high school. Life-changing stuff! We are also going to be filming in a major South African hospital in November, creating an instructional video for doctors all over our country, for how to deal with caesarian complications.

Making sure that we have the right cameras, the right camera crew, the right administrative help, the understanding of how to best produce a video that actually does the job its meant for… these are things that really float my boat! I love the challenges of having to film in difficult or odd places, of meeting with people who are experts in their own fields, who need OUR help to get their message across to the world. Corporate video may not sound creative, compared to making movies and filming documentaries, but it has the same fascinating elements. To have to find the story, and the people behind the story, and produce a ‘corporate video’ that feels like an emotional journey, is always exciting to me. No matter how dry the subject may be, I find myself getting personally invested in the production every time.

It takes ‘video production’ – as a career – to a whole different level, in my opinion. I can’t perform surgery, or teach kids to read, but I can help to make sure that these stellar people get the communication tools they need for the 21st century. And that is so invigorating to me; it gets me up in the morning, and keeps me working all night long when I have to.