It’s no small thing to have to drive 5 hours, then video an event, sleep for a couple of hours, drive back another 5 hours, and then spend the rest of the weekend editing video without a break. That’s exactly what Sean Gardiner had to do this past weekend, for a Battle of the DJ’s event in Nelspruit, Mpumlanga. Hosted by Veritas Events for Hunter’s Gold and 5fM, it was a mix of video challenges, starting with the incredibly low light conditions. But Sean was equal to the task, and aside from a crazy look in his sleepless eyes by Sunday evening, he seems to have survived the experience! We’ll be filming another one of these this coming weekend in Soweto, and probably a few more before the end of the year.

Sean Gardiner filming in low-light conditions for Hunter's Gold and 5fm

Sean Gardiner filming in low-light conditions for Hunter’s Gold and 5fm