Video Web Content

At last, people here in South Africa are waking up to the wide world of web content, where everything is constantly changing, and it’s no longer enough to have one long corporate video on a DVD, that you occasionally show in presentations. More and more, we are being called in to shoot in series – [...]

Why we love making NGO videos

  Without particularly meaning to, over the years we have built a number of relationships with NGO’s and parastatals. These include Save the Children SA, South Coast Hospice, the Phenduka Literacy Project, PATH, RMCH and many others. I say “without meaning to”, because our advertising has not [...]

What’s in store for 2016?

Last year was a busy one for SummerTime Productions. And it looks like 2016 is set to go the same way, with an interesting focus on NGO’s and the medical world already taking shape. That suits us very well, since we so enjoy being involved with projects tht have nation-building potential. In 2015, [...]

Beautiful Stories

  Sometimes you just have to expand – and if you’re very lucky, you get to have an infusion of talent. That’s what just happened to us a couple of months ago, when Mark Khoury joined our collective. He brings an astonishing range of gifts to the table. As a photographer, he makes me feel like I [...]

Battle of the DJ’s

It’s no small thing to have to drive 5 hours, then video an event, sleep for a couple of hours, drive back another 5 hours, and then spend the rest of the weekend editing video without a break. That’s exactly what Sean Gardiner had to do this past weekend, for a Battle of the DJ’s event in [...]

Caesarian Video at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

It is such a privilege to be given access to video something as intimate and remarkable as the birth of a baby. For SummerTime Productions, this week gave us the opportunity to film 17 children making their way into the world at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. We have been commissioned [...]

Video Education Revolution

No-one can possibly have missed the education revolution that’s been taking place online, with video tutorials available for just about anything you can imagine wanting to learn. Well, it’s no secret that SummerTime Productions has a soft-spot for educational video. It’s where we cut our teeth, and [...]

Let’s get Medical!

Filming and editing adult male circumcisions… Hmmm. That’s something you don’t see every day! And yet, that’s exactly what we got to do this past month, as one of the medical instructional videos that we’re developing with various NGOS’s, and the South African Department of Health. It was a really [...]

Ster Kinekor Premiere of “The Lighthouse Run”

At long last, after 18 months hard work and many wonderful experiences along the way, we are happy to announce that “The Lighthouse Run” will be premiering at The Zone (Ster Kinekor) in Rosebank, Johannesburg, on the 5th June 2014. This hour-long documentary follows the story of some amazing [...]

Talent Intervention 2013 – applications closed!!

Talent Intervention is SummerTime Productions’ short-term (5 – 14 days) internship program aimed at helping young people who show promise to develop their talents and gain valuable life skills and business experience. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of seeing some truly remarkable young [...]
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