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Battle of the DJ’s

It’s no small thing to have to drive 5 hours, then video an event, sleep for a couple of hours, drive back another 5 hours, and then spend the rest of the weekend editing video without a break. That’s exactly what Sean Gardiner had to do this past weekend, for a Battle of the DJ’s event in [...]

Video Education Revolution

No-one can possibly have missed the education revolution that’s been taking place online, with video tutorials available for just about anything you can imagine wanting to learn. Well, it’s no secret that SummerTime Productions has a soft-spot for educational video. It’s where we cut our teeth, and [...]

5 Reasons why video makes sense for SHE / HSE compliance

Safety, Health and Environment issues are now a top priority in today’s climate of regulation and compliance. Traditionally, print media and live training seminars were the main carriers of information for most companies. So why should companies include video in their training arsenal? 1. [...]
Corporate safety video Lepelle

How to get the most from your corporate video shoot

Finding the budget for a corporate video is already a challenge in these belt-tightening times. The last thing you want is for that money to be under-utilized. Know what you want and why The first thing you have to do, is to nail down exactly what it is that you want this corporate video to [...]

Making the most of tight corporate video budgets

It doesn’t take a degree in economics to know that the past couple of years have been tough for just about every company on the planet. And when the revenue slows to a trickle, one of the first areas to get cut is marketing. So how do you make the most of the budget you have left, when it comes to [...]

3 corporate video mistakes you should avoid

Producing a good corporate video requires an understanding of the company that you’re working with, of course. But what are the most common errors a producer might make? 1. Promising the world! If you’re lucky, your client knows exactly what they’re hoping to accomplish with the video that they’ve [...]

Challenges for SHE DVD’s (Safety, Health and Environment)

Working with companies to create health, safety and environment training DVD’s is an area that carries its own set of challenges. Getting things wrong is just not an option, when you’re training people to work in ways that minimize their chances of having or causing accidents at work. Numerous [...]

How to build customer relations in the corporate video world

It gives me a special thrill when a client for whom we’ve produced a corporate video comes back, asking for more. For a start, repeat business means less advertising spend. It’s a lot easier to keep a client than to find a new one. Yet the corporate video industry sometimes seems to carry a stigma, [...]

How creative can you be in a corporate video?

Many years ago, when I was a callow youth, I think I would have regarded producing corporate videos as a sell-out of my creative talents. But, as I have found out over the years, nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is that the digital revolution, with the accompanying low costs for [...]

Is there anybody out there?

That title was a craven attempt to find out if there are any Pink Floyd fans actually reading this. Which there probably aren’t. I don’t kid myself… Why would such interesting people be watching the sometime blog of a corporate video producer, a writer of corporate scripts, safety and health [...]
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